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  missing the point
  of five-wire resistive touchscreens
  i want to go back to lcd
  i want to go back to cathode-ray
  i want to go back to analog
  to go back to a 4:3 screen
  to die of hypothermia
  looking at my own creation
  that i could almost touch
  for it to all be close to real
  just one more time
  there is you
  and there is now
  but you live in the future
  and i am in the past
  i reach though the liquid crystal
  to tell you something you needed to know
  i’m from two-thousand-seven
  and dead by now (all activity has ceased)
  you’re in twenty-twenty
  and it feels like you’re
  close to death (can’t go outside)
  but we can still almost
  one day i will come back
  as a missing poster
  as a news report
  as a puzzle
  and you will remember me
  but only vaguely enough
  until you need my information again